Fixed Cost Process

This Fixed Cost Model helps you to know exactly the final cost of your project. The more planning you do for your business, the better outcome you will get.


Establish Contact We use our first communication to establish common interest.

Understand Idea/Core Concept By understanding your business, we can tackle any of the projects and do it justice.

Refine The Concept On Granular Level The detail considered level in a model where we decide the process.

Finalize on User Journey, Business Model and Future Phases of the Concept The idea for the project is explored and elaborated.

Agree On the Findings and Ballpark Range Project quotation and technologies agreement that we work upon.


Create a Detailed SOW Having a detailed scope document will tell the story of the work we plan to do and lead to a better relationship.

Project Acceptance Giving a green signal to the project for the development phase.

Team Allocation Planning out the necessary human resource efforts and task allocation.

Project Kick-Off An important component of planning your web development project is the kickoff meeting

Project Timeline Plan Scheduling the project and providing time estimates.


Wireframing/Blueprint Sketches We create a preliminary visual guide of a potential website's framework.

Iterations The product is tested and evaluated repeatedly at different stages and do required changes.

UI/UX Development Our design help to win the consumers’ confidence and make them use your application.

Iterations An ongoing process of refining and improving a website


Milestone Based Development Milestone Based Development We establish phases and milestones for every project and ensure that we hit the goals at each stage as we move into the next.

Review We strive to review our project to make it a big success.

Beta Version Completion We gather feedback from the team and do testing to make a better version.

Internal QA Cycles To analyze user feedback and statistics—after the first release.


First Review Providing a quality assurance checklist for website design and development.

Alpha Version Development Performed only by users within the organization.

Second Review We make sure that the software is error-free; it goes to the deployment stage.


Annual Maintenance Packages Our flexible annual maintenance package that doesn't cost you much.

Basic Digital Marketing Packages Our Online Marketing Packages offer the best value for driving traffic and generating new clients.

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